Why It’s Better To Make Your Own Tickets



Many people are familiar with ordering finished raffle tickets online or from a local print shop. When you order tickets this way you usually get great looking tickets, but there are several downsides to take into consideration.

Some Downsides to Ordering Tickets From a Print Shop

  1. All of your information is required: who, what, where, when set in stone. You can’t make changes after you’ve submitted your order.
  2. Furthermore you have to know how many tickets you are going to need. It takes time for the tickets to get printed. If you run low right before your raffle is set to take place, you won’t have time to order more.
  3. Finished tickets can be very expensive, especially if they’re in color.
  4. You are out of luck if any information needs to be changed. Hence, you’ll have to throw the whole batch out and start over from scratch.
  5. The ticket printer won’t normally save your files. If you want to run a similar raffle next year, you’ll have to try to remember how you did it and recreate your tickets over again.

The Solution is to Make Your Own Tickets

All of these pitfalls can be avoided by using Raffle Ticket software.  You can design your own tickets, save them, make changes as needed, and print only as many as you need, when you need them using Raffle Ticket software. If you run low, you can open your saved design and print more right where you left off. And, you aren’t limited to raffle tickets only. This software works well to make admission tickets, valet parking tickets, event tickets, drawings, contests, Parking passes and many other kinds.

Try Raffle Ticket Software’s demo software risk-free. See for yourself how easy it is to make your own tickets.

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