A Treasure Chest Raffle is a Great Way for Participants to Take an Active Role in the Raffletreasure chest raffle tickets

Raffle drawings are perfect as a fundraiser or as an addition to an existing event. They are fun for your supporters, easy to run and they help raise needed funds for your organization and cause.   A Treasure Chest raffle is a great way for donors to take an active role in your next event. Instead of waiting for their ticket number to be called, the donor can be part of the action.  This way they know immediately whether they’ve won the hidden treasure.

What You Will Need for a Treasure Chest Raffle

  1. Two-part, sequentially numbered raffle tickets.  Designate which ticket color will be sold to players. When a ticket is sold, the player retains one ticket stub for verification; the other is deposited into the key ticket receptacle.
  2. The treasure chest:  A chest with a keyed lock treasure-chest-keys
  3. A receptacle for prize-winning tickets
  4. A separate receptacle for key tickets
  5. A predetermined number of keys.  You can make as many keys as you like, but keep in mind that of all the keys made, only two will open the chest. One will be the master key. The other key will remain unmarked, along with the other (losing) keys.
  6. Key display:  A game board with nails protruding from it (for hanging the keys). Be sure the number of nails matches the number of keys in play at the beginning of the game.

How a Treasure Chest Raffle Works

For a treasure chest raffle, you will draw a predetermined number of tickets. The number drawn should be at least 5 but not more than 10. The holders of those tickets drawn then come forward and select a key from the key display which holds the same number of tickets drawn. The exciting part is that only one key will open the treasure chest. The ticket holders try their keys until one has unlocked the chest and is awarded the treasure.

Divide Funds Into Three Portions

Before the event designate a member-in-charge, or MIC, to divide the funds into three portions. One portion is your group’s profits (as appropriate), and another portion is evenly divided into smaller parts (for example, five) to serve as the prize pool. The third portion is set aside to serve as a secondary prize and is kept locked inside the treasure chest.

Hang one key from each nail on the game board and affix one-half of a ticket stub to each key, being sure to use a different color of ticket than what was sold. The other half is deposited into the key ticket receptacle.

The MIC draws five tickets from the prize-winning ticket receptacle. Each person holding the corresponding ticket stubs is awarded 1/5 of the prize pool.

After that, a key ticket is drawn from the key ticket receptacle for each of those five players, who are each presented with a key from the game board under the ticket stub that corresponds to his or her stub. Using his or her key, each player attempts to open the lock on the treasure chest.

Destroy Used Keys

If none of the keys opens the lock, the game is closed for that occasion. Those five keys’ tickets are destroyed, and the keys that did not open the locks are removed from play. Remove and safeguard the secondary prize – that is, the cash from the treasure chest – and secure the remaining keys with their key tickets inside the key ticket receptacle as well as the game board with its remaining keys and key tickets.

The remaining cash prize should be deposited into a raffle  account  and remain there until that amount is added to the treasure chest immediately prior to the start of your next Treasure Chest raffle.

If the secondary prize is not award within 170 days, the final drawing will be repeated until the winning key is drawn.

This style of raffle is great for repeating occasions, like club meetings, because the secondary prize grows bigger each time it is not won.

It adds some fun and excitement for all as everyone enjoys a good treasure hunt.Have fun with the Treasure Chest raffle!  Trying something new is a sure way to spark fresh interest in your organization’s cause.

Before You Get Started Check Your States Raffle Laws

Before you get started check with your state for its rules and regulations on raffles and drawings to make sure you are in compliance with the rules in your state.  For a full listing of rules and regulations in your state, click here.

This article was updated from 2/10/2012

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