User Guide To Create Raffle Tickets

We did our best to make Raffle Ticket as intuitive as possible so that you can create raffle tickets in just a few minutes. Like most things though, you can learn some pretty neat tricks if you take the time to read the instructions. We’ve simplified the process into just four easy steps that will help you create raffle tickets, making it look like they were professionally printed.

Step One: Create Raffle Ticket Body

create your raffle ticketsDecide what information you want to appear on the main ticket body. Here you see the main screen with a preview of the output image always visible in the background window. The front window displays the Ticket Design Panel, where you create the body of the ticket.

creating your ticket body


Step Two: Design The Ticket Stub

create your raffle ticket stubTo create raffle tickets, you will need determine what information you need to collect from your ticket buyers.  On the Stub Design Panel you can choose to print any number of lines up to 5. The leading text can be anything you desire or just a blank line. The default set-up is displayed below.

ticket stub tool to create raffle tickets



Step Three: Set The Numbering

creating raffle ticket numberThe third and final panel is for the Numbering Specifications.  Before you print your tickets there are a couple of questions you should consider. What number do you want to start with? Do you want to print the tickets to distribute them in sheets or by booklet?  Your answer to these questions will determine which numbering method is best for your tickets.

You have a choice of numbering methods:

  • “Single Sheet Order” numbers the tickets on each sheet sequentially, allowing you to separate the tickets individually.  Single Sheet Order is most commonly used for handing out tickets to buyers at an event.
  • “Stack Order” allows numbers to go through the entire stack so they will be in order after you have cut apart several tickets at once (as when using a large paper cutter). Stack order is beneficial if you would like to make many booklets of tickets.  Booklets are useful to distribute to multiple sellers at once, when tickets are sold well ahead of a drawing or event.

tool to number and create raffle tickets


Step Four: Set Up Your Printer

Get your printer properly set up so you don’t waste paper and ink when you create raffle tickets.

What kind of paper should you use?

You can print your tickets on any paper you have around the house, or for professional-looking tickets that are easy to tear apart in the field, you can purchase packs of our perforated ticket papers.

We offer 24 lb. bond stock that is similar to nice letterhead paper and works well with just about any kind of printer. We also have a line of 67 lb. card stock that is similar to the thickness of index cards. The card stock works great on printers with straight paper paths, but can sometimes cause jams on printers that move the paper back and forth around rollers.

How To Use The Printer Adjustment Tool:

Since different printers have very different margin requirements, we’ve made it possible for you to nudge the tickets left/right, and up/down. You also have the ability to make them a little smaller so that you can get them to fit within your printer’s margins.

The “Printer Adjustment Panel” is located in the top tool bar under Ticket > Print Adjustment.  The Printer Adjustment Panel has two tabs which allow you to manipulate how the tickets will be placed on the paper; Print Nudge and Print Size.

print adjustment tool to create raffle tickets

The Print Nudge tab allows you to move the tickets up and down and left to right.

Print Nudge tool to create raffle tickets 

The Print Size tab allows you to scale the tickets from 80% to 104% horizontally and vertically.

print size tool to help create tickets

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