Raffle ticket paper makes ticket design a snap

ticket-fanWe’ve all seen those cheap strips of raffle tickets you can get at the dollar store: skinny, numbered, plain gray tickets with no personality, no pizzazz. A personalized ticket, however, can do more than just help your organization raise money in a raffle or admit customers to a special event.

Design great raffle tickets that impress! It’s easy and doesn’t require the expense and hassle of a print shop – no more submitting event information to the printer and no more waiting for the proofs to come in to see whether any errors were made. As long as you have a computer, ticket software, paper and a printer, you’ve got what it takes.

You will need paper, and even though  you can use any paper; fabulous-looking and easy to use tickets are printed on high quality perforated ticket paper. The good news is that there are several places that you can find perforated ticket paper, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.  Raffleticketsoftware.com will overnight your ticket paper, and one package is enough to print over 1,000 tickets!  They have fast and affordable service for your ticket paper and software needs.

Designing great raffle tickets is easy when you use templates
downloadable 50/50 ticket template

A well-designed and well-thought-out ticket on quality ticket paper can become memorabilia for the ticket holder and speak volumes on behalf of your organization itself. With the right ticket paper, you have the ability to take your event to the next level.

Different weights of raffle ticket paper lend themselves to different uses. Durable paper like 67 lb. vellum card stock, for example, is a great choice for a drawing in which the winner need not be present to win, as the ticket is made of tough paper similar to that used for index cards and is likely to survive a trip home folded in a wallet or jammed into a pocket.

Forget the old-fashioned paper cutter of yore – insist on perforated raffle ticket paper. One hallmark of high-quality paper for raffle tickets is the use of perforations along the ticket edges to deliver clean, neat edges and easy separation. Another sign of quality is the availability of color options. Canary yellow, pink, sky blue … an eye-catching ticket design begins with rich paper color.

Speaking of color – black ink is tried and true, but to add pop to your tickets consider adding a splash of color. The trick is to know what print colors work well with what paper colors. How can you be sure you’ve chosen colors wisely?

The quick answer: Use a template. Good raffle ticket software offers a variety of templates that let you design the tickets yourself and let your creative juices flow. And having raffle ticket templates you can download and save directly onto your computer means your design is always right there at your fingertips when you need it. That inevitable nightmare – trying to make last-minute changes – becomes a thing of the past when you use a template that’s parked on your computer.

If you design and print a page of raffle tickets, only to decide that canary yellow paper and magenta text just weren’t meant to be together after all, you can go right into the document and choose a different color. And if you’re in the middle of the drawing and realize you need another 400 tickets, all you need to do is print out 400 more tickets – no panicked phone calls to a print shop that might not be open for business that day.

Next time, we’ll look at the nitty-gritty of raffle ticket design: the information you must have on your tickets for a successful event.

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