Thanksgiving mealThere are several ways in which your organization can help bring joy to needy families. One is to partner with your local food pantry, grocery stores and/or restaurants to hold a Thanksgiving raffle for a traditional turkey dinner. Give away raffle tickets to families at the food pantry, with a complete holiday meal going to five, ten or however many families that might otherwise go without on Thanksgiving day.

The prize can be in the form of meal ingredients, such as a 20-pound turkey or other meats, stuffing and a selection of fresh vegetables donated by a local supermarket; or it can be a full-blown Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant. A complementary option is to raffle off gift certificates to a supermarket, so families can do their own holiday shopping. You may even find that a drawing of this nature encourages other organizations to join in the fun by offering door prizes or collecting donations of non-perishable foods to donate to the food pantry.

If you plan to fund raise for your church or organization this holiday season, don’t forget to make tickets for your event ahead of time. Keep track of how many you sell so you’ll know how much food to prepare.The approaching holiday season is a time of reflection and gratitude for blessings throughout the year. For many families, it’s also a time for coming together to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast of roast turkey and all the trimmings; but many others find that their food dollars are already stretched to the limit and the traditional dinner is beyond their reach.


Now’s the perfect time to begin spreading holiday joy! Have fun helping others in this special time of year.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

Enjoy these free downloadable Thanksgiving ticket templates to help you with your event!

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