What Is a Tag the Bag Fundraiser?

A Tag the Bag Fundraiser is Great Visual Keepsake
The Besk’s Tag the Bag

A Tag the Bag fundraiser is about  providing a bag for someone who is going through a transition in life to remind them  that people are thinking about them.  You obtain one traveling bag  for the person you are having the event for.  When a donor makes a contribution they sign their name on the traveling bag – tagging the bag.  At the end of the event the person you are having the event for gets to keep the bag and take it with them on their travels as a reminder that people are thinking, praying and supporting them while they are going through this transition in their life.

A Tag the Bag fundraiser can be used for Missionary fundraisers, travel fundraisers, cancer patients/relay for life fundraisers…any fundraiser that involves some form of traveling or transition in life.  Because there are so many different variety of bags out there you can easily find a bag for every need.  Change is difficult for many people.  A Tag the Bag Fundraiser will let a person know that they are not going through their transition alone.

Tell Your Story

Due to donors wanting to be a part of the mission when hosting a Tag the Bag event you need to create a fundraising message.  Tell the story of your fundraiser and how it is important to you.   But most of all tell how it is significant to the donor.  Show them how their contribution is going to make a difference, and how they will be recognized for it.

I first heard of a Tag the Bag fundraiser when a family was having an adoption fundraiser.  The family used the funds they raised from their tag-the-bag event for airfare to the foreign country where they were adopting their child from.  Check out the Besk’s story here…

Steps to follow for a Tag the Bag Fundraiser

After you create your Tag the Bag fundraising message you will need to do the following:

(1) First, acquire a bag for travel.

(2) Next, ask for donations or hold an event where everyone who participates permanently tags their names onto the bag.   Hold raffle drawings to raise more funds.

(3)  And finally, give the bag  to the person who the fundraiser is for.

Most noteworthy, the best part about a Tag the Bag fundraiser is that the donors become part of the story.  Their ‘tag’ becomes a substantial, visual reminder for the receiver to have comprising all the people who are supporting their cause.  It’s a wonderful reminder of how much others care about and are supporting them.

A Tag the Bag Fundraiser
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A Tag the Bag Fundraiser
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