Easter Egg HuntWith many parts of the country seeing record-shattering cold and snowfall totals, it can be difficult to remember that the calendar says springtime and Easter are right around the corner, but they really are! Your organization can play a part in fostering the hopeful excitement of warmer weather by sponsoring a springtime or Easter raffle fundraiser.

Colorful eggs brought by the Easter bunny are synonymous with Easter, so consider holding an Easter party hosted by the bunny himself. Rent or invest in purchasing a bunny costume. Breakfast or lunch with the bunny can be held at a reception hall in the area and catered by a restaurant, or members of your team can do the job themselves to put a personal touch on your springtime or Easter raffle.

An Easter-egg hunt is a classic activity for little ones, and the eggs don’t have to be real – they can be wrapped chocolate, candy, or plastic eggs. You could hide an egg or two of a particular color and offer a small prize to the egg hunter who finds those specially colored eggs. Young and old can participate in a decorated egg competition – who can create the most beautiful/artistic egg? Or the funniest? Or hold an Easter egg toss, where two people toss an egg to each other and gradually increase the distance between the tossers until the egg is dropped or broken.

A gardeners’ raffle is another great way to channel some of the excitement of spring toward your cause. A basket of essential gardening items – and some fun stuff, too – donated by local nurseries and garden centers is an early-season favorite. Instead of a traditional basket, consider stuffing a gardening tote full of hand tools like a trowel, cultivator and weeder, a pair of plush kneepads, gardening gloves, a wide-brimmed straw hat, gardening books and some soothing hand cream that’s designed for gardeners. Gift certificates to the businesses that supply the tools are a plus.

You can really kick your celebration of springtime up a notch by offering some high-end raffle prizes that can kick start the outdoor season. A bug zapper, Adirondack chairs, a patio set or even a grill can really add excitement to your springtime or Easter raffle fundraising efforts.

For some great raffle ticket ideas, check out our free, downloadable ticket templates that work with our Raffle Ticket Software below.

Have fun and good luck with your fundraising!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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