season of givingThe first snowfall of the new winter season is here, with bright, cheer lights glistening in the chill of deepening night.  The holiday season is upon us, and the gathering of family and friends makes this a very special time of year.

Part of what makes the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day distinct from the rest of the year, is where we turn the focus of our attention.

Neediness doesn’t take a break; it knows no holidays, it has no “in” season.  And during the torrent of commercials and advertisements, a still, small voice reminds us that buried beneath the retail throngs lies a desire to give.

For some, the holidays are a galvanizing point.  It is the time of year when the spirit of giving moves them to ask others, “What can I do for you?  What would you like?  Is there anything you need?”  The eyes of their hearts look away from themselves and look up and around to see the needs and wants of those in the community.

Others – and perhaps you know someone who fits this description – make a commitment to help others all year round.  For these dedicated souls, whose determination spans the length of the year, the holidays open the door to even greater opportunities for giving.  They will spend countless hours serving others, whether directly or indirectly, knowing that no gift of time is too small to provide a great and satisfying return.

And that gift of time is given in so many ways.  Setting up and making arrangements to hold a raffle or drawing to benefit a family or charitable organization, for instance, involves a number of people who share the same vision and work together for that common goal.  Someone has to make sure the tickets get designed, get printed correctly and arrive in time, after all.  Someone has to see to it that publicity is managed properly.  And someone has to keep track of donations, prizes, and all the rest.  I doesn’t happen in a minute, and it can’t get done on its own!

When it’s all said and done…when the winning tickets have been drawn and the numbers called…those who helped make the drawing a reality can savor the knowledge that they played a part in making someone else’s day that much brighter.  Those who put forth the effort to see that the fundraiser successfully met its goal can look back with the satisfaction of knowing all that work went to a good cause.

And ultimately, that’s what the season of giving is all about.


Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands




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