Host a Community School Supply Drive Fundraiser

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I remember when going shopping for school supplies in my younger years was an exciting adventure.  I loved picking out my new book bag with a matching lunchbox.  Getting a new box of crayons to use on my future creations in school. Colorful notebooks to record my daily activities.  The list is endless.   Unfortunately with our current economy it has become a struggle for many parents to buy school supplies for their children.  The list for what you need the first day of school sure has changed since I went to school!  Studies show that when a child doesn’t have the proper school supplies it becomes more difficult for them to have a successful academic year.  If a child has the supplies s/he needs for school, s/he will be ready for assignments and feel more confident and organized.

Host a School Supply Drive Community FundraiserSchool Supply Drive Fundraiser

You can help by having your community host a fundraiser to raise donations.  The donations can be monetary, actual supplies or both.  You could get students involved in the activities and have them, with adult guidance, handle the event themselves as they have a direct interest in the outcome.  They can help decide what type of fundraiser will be held.   There are many to choose from such as a raffle, a concert, an auction, a dinner, a bowl-a-thon, etc.

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School Supply Fundraiser Tips


Determine when you will host your school supply drive fundraiser, how long it will run and how you will distribute the school supplies to students.

Recruit volunteers

Have volunteers help pack bookbags with school supplies and distribute them on distribution day.


Advertising important to achieving success. Plan to get the word out early enough so people have time to respond.  4-6 weeks is usually a good time-frame to start advertising.  Be sure to keep reminding people.  Use several different forms of advertising:  posters, school announcements, flyers, word-of-mouth, newsletters, newspapers, Facebook and other social media are all great ways to spread the word.

Let donors know that by contributing to the drive, they are directly playing a part in the academic success of  the students that receive the donation. If a child has the supplies s/he needs for school, s/he will be ready for assignments and feel more confident and organized resulting in a successful school year.

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