There are times when a chance of winning a prize is as effective as the prize itself

Classroom reward tickets
Teachers can give raffle tickets to students as a reward for good behavior. The more tickets a child earns, the greater their chance of winning the reward.

A creative way to reward students in a classroom setting is through the use of raffle tickets. Tickets can used in a variety of ways to help kids maintain or improve their focus and behavior during class time and even encourage them to think outside the box.

Whenever you witness a desired behavior, reward that student with a raffle ticket (or more, if you like). It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly trivial that behavior is – if you’d likely see more of it, reward it with a ticket!

Announce that at the end of the day or the week, you will collect all the tickets that have been given out and will draw a single ticket from a box at random to select a winner. Kids will enjoy the feel-good factor of creating a cache of tickets, knowing that the more tickets they revive, the better their chances of winning the prize.

You can decide whether your students will need more than one ticket to enter the drawing. If a child has not received enough raffle tickets in the established timeframe, he or she is excluded from the current prize draw but can try again the following day or week.

Some examples of prizes include 10 minutes of free computer time, a one-day late homework pass, a candy bar … the possibilities are limitless.

Another idea is to give students 2 raffle tickets to start the day, but they can’t write their names on their tickets until the end of the day. Students can also earn tickets for staying on task or doing excellent work. If they break a classroom rule, take a ticket away. At the end of the day, collect all the tickets and do a drawing for a small prize, class money, or a treat.

The tickets can also be used as “bonus points.” A ticket is given as a reward for making a good decision in class, doing extra work, etc. If a student with bonus points finds that he or she didn’t receive quite as high a grade as desired on a homework assignment or quiz, the bonus points can be redeemed to help boost the grade by a point or two.

If you print the tickets yourself, you can create unique tickets that aren’t easily duplicated and are individualized to suit the type of reward. Include space for a checkmark or other indication that you’ve issued the ticket and that it’s authentic and ready for use.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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