At your next event,  Grab a Mustache or Fake Nose….Invite Your Guests to Strike a Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser!

Strike A Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Do you rememberStrike A Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser going to the beach, walking the boardwalk and glancing in at the “old-time” photography store? One summer when I was in high-school a friend of mine and myself went to Ocean City for a week to baby-sit for a family from my neighborhood that was vacationing there.  We used part of the money they paid us to take one of these old-time pictures.  We loved looking at the costumes, the people in the pictures and wondering what it must have been like during that time period.

Strike A Pose with a Photobooth FundraiserThen I remember taking a glamour shot with my first son, Alex , when he was a year old at the infamous “glamour” photography store in the mall where they would glam you up to look like a movie star.  To me the glamour part was including Alex in the picture with me.

Or how about at the carnival where you could take “head in the hole” pictures?  Below in the astronaut “head in the hole” picture is our Operations Manager, Teresa.  You can’t help but smile.
Strike A Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser

Add some extra excitement to your next event.

Almost everyone enjoys having their picture taken…especially with props!  Why not include a Strike A Pose Photobooth Fundraiser at your next event?  Your event can involve any of these themes or choose something that is related to your fundraising cause.  Choose a theme like the roaring 20’s, the fabulous 50’s, 80’s, any holiday, a sports theme, and the list goes on!

Planning a fundraiser for your volunteer fire department? Make a Fireman cutout, or better yet bring fireman gear for guests to put on for a photo.  Imagine a youngster wearing a big fireman’s hat and boots.  Priceless!

You could even have a photographer (it doesn’t have to be a professional) walking around taking pictures to put in a photo album that can be raffled off with all the pictures from the event.  This would make a great keepsake.  Attendees could purchase the photo album or individual printed photos.

Strike A Pose Photobooth Fundraiser TIPS

  • When picking a location for your Strike A Pose Photobooth Fundraiser photo booth, find a well-lit place that everyone will see when they arrive at the event.
  • Keep in mind that no photo booth is complete without awesome props and decorations! Borrow or buy silly hats and boas!
  • Grab an old photo frame and paint it to match the color theme of the event.
  • Leftover chalkboard paint can also be used to create small chalkboard signs for use in the booth.
  • Get creative with props…heavy card stock and wooden skewers make great masks. Have some props like hats or glasses.
  • Be careful of your background. A light or solid backdrop works best.

A Strike A Pose Fundraiser is a great way to add extra excitement to any event.  Attendees get a keepsake of the event that helps your cause stay in their minds long after everyone has gone home.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Strike A Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser
Gail Schalizki Media Specialist

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