Mother's Day Fundraiser
Invite a selection of manicurists, hair stylists, cosmetologists and massage therapists to your Mother’s Day fundraiser.

The month of May is associated with Mother’s Day. A time to remember Mom and go out of your way to shower her with love and attention. With a Mother’s Day spa fundraiser, your organization can help pamper and celebrate these wonderful women while raising funds for your cause.

Once you have selected a date and location for your spa fundraiser, extend an invitation to local salons and independent manicurists, hair stylists, cosmetologists and massage therapists. The idea is to create a relaxing, fun atmosphere for busy moms. Offer as many elements of a classic spa experience as possible in the space you have available for your use. Look for a large outdoor space, such as a park or large parking lot to set up tents, or a fire hall or school cafeteria as a rain location.

Invite local restaurants or caterers to provide refreshments for your spa fundraiser. A local florist could provide floral arrangements to offer a lovely, seasonal decorating solution.  While a professional photographer’s services would let guests take home a memento of their fun day. Professionals in your community may be willing to volunteer their talents and time to show their support.

You can add to the fun by offering spa and beauty gifts as drawing or door prizes.  Give away gift certificates to a day spa or a tea house. Or raffle gift baskets stuffed with luxurious scented lotions and handcrafted soaps, tea sachets or flavored coffees and delicious snacks like chocolate-drizzled biscotti. Your Mother’s day spa fundraiser will be a great success when you use raffle ticket design software! You can print customized raffle tickets that match the theme of the prizes offered to add a touch of your group’s unique style.

Good luck and have fun with your fundraising event

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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