Easter Egg Hunt FundraiserWe all know that the success or failure of raffles as fundraisers hinges on how many tickets you sell, how much you ask for them, how hard you have to work to sell them, and how much the prizes cost you.

It’s common practice to offer a discount to encourage people to purchase more than one ticket, such as $1 for 1 ticket and $2 for 3 tickets. This up-sell method is effective because it’s easy for the purchaser to see how their odds of winning improve exponentially.

Another great tactic to sell more tickets to each purchaser is to offer an added bonus such as a golden ticket. Marketing studies show a remarkable increase in sales when “something for nothing” bonuses are used.

Golden ticket

A golden ticket can be offered free of charge as an incentive to anyone who purchases a certain number of tickets. The golden ticket doesn’t increase their chance of winning, but if the drawing winner happens to have a golden ticket, their prize is automatically increased. Whether you offer a greater cash prize, an extra prize, or a combination, golden tickets are a great way to encourage supporters to spend more money on your raffle, saving your selling teams time and effort.

I don’t recommend that you number these tickets, because these tickets will not be placed in the drawing box. The contestant who purchases a required number of regular, numbered tickets will be given the golden ticket as a bonus. This ticket is not eligible to win anything in and of itself, but, if the winner holds one of these gems, their prize is increased by a determined amount.

Generally, you’ll only need to print a few sheets of golden tickets since a perception of scarcity can make them seem that much more valuable.

Make sure your regular ticket clearly states how many tickets must be purchased to qualify for a golden ticket. In this example, for each 6 tickets purchased entitle the purchaser to one golden ticket. If one of the golden ticket holders wins the drawing they will receive two Easter baskets. You can also print the regular tickets in stack order so that you can staple them into consequtively numbered booklets of 6 with one golden ticket each.

Easter basket giveaway

For a limited time, if you purchase any regular package of perforated ticket paper from us, we will include a few sheets of the goldenrod stock with your order for free. Just write “golden ticket” in the Comments section of the shopping cart and we’ll make sure you get some with your order.

You can download the template to make this ticket and matching golden ticket at our web site.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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