“Free ride” tickets and door prize giveaways promote voting

Help voters get to the polls this election day
It doesn’t take a lot to be a hero to someone in your community. An offer of a ride to the polls on election day can make all the difference.

Whatever your political beliefs, we all want fair and representative elections. The best way to achieve that is to make sure as many people as possible get to make their voices heard. There are several simple methods that you can use to motivate voters in your community, and your efforts might get repaid with a little goodwill as well.

The most obvious way to motivate voters and increase turnout in your district is to make sure all voters have a way to get to the polls. This doesn’t require the services of a licensed cab company or complicated GPS-driven database to achieve. Every soccer mom across the country can make a difference. All you need is a vehicle and driver – preferably both in decent, working condition – a contact method so you can schedule pickups, and a way to get the word out.

Post flyers advertising your ride service in local churches, senior centers, convenience stores, pharmacies, housing projects, libraries, laundromats – anywhere people who may not have access to a car frequent. You can leave a stack of tickets and collection can in each location and check back regularly to gather the stubs with contact information so you can schedule pickups. Ask the proprietor to make an announcement and place your tickets in plain view.

Voter ride offer ticket
Voter Transportation Ticket Template

Provided here is a sample of what a “Ride to Vote” ticket might look like. This ticket template is available  for download if you’d like to use it as a starting point for your own.

You can use “Ride to Vote” tickets to promote your organization or to further your political purpose, but you don’t have to. Pure national pride is all you really need as a motivation.

Another way to motivate voters in your community to get out and vote is to offer a free giveaway or small door prize. Reward voters for doing their civic duty while giving them a reason to gather at your location (and maybe even spend a little money).This works well for community organizations or restaurants and taverns that are willing to hold a post-election gathering.

Voter pride ticket
Voter Appreciation Ticket Template

Tickets such as these are easy to make, cost very little as far as what you are giving away, and draw business into your establishment at the same time. Sometimes, the simple offer of a free cup of coffee can be enough to bring in a family that orders a full dinner.

You can offer these promotional tickets at your establishment, or better yet, see if you can position them near or at the polling station. You may need to check with your local officials to make sure  you aren’t breaking any rules against political advertising within so many feet of a polling station, but as long as you aren’t promoting any candidate directly, you should be okay.

So whether your motivation is driving democracy or driving business, with tickets like these, you are one of the guaranteed winners this election night.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda’s Rowlands

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