Make a checklist of what a participant will need to knowinformation on your tickets

Last time, we looked at the building blocks of raffle tickets that wow: quality perforated paper, brilliant ink and paper colors and raffle ticket software that offers a template so you can design and print your own tickets. Now let’s not forget the nuts and bolts: the information you simply must have for a successful event. It is very important for a successful raffle to have the right information on your tickets.

Keep and refer to a checklist of what a participant will need to know about your event. A good raffle ticket will provide the drawing’s name, location and date; the cost of the ticket; and your organization name and contact information – especially if the entrant need not be present to win the prize. Consider including a brief (one- or two-line) description of the prize or prizes, as space allows.

Don’t forget to select the font or typeface for the information on your ticket. This is an important step because different fonts can evoke different emotions – some whimsical and fun, others serious. Check your computer’s system to see what fonts you have installed and which are best suited to reflect the tone of your drawing.

Be sure to give some thought to the overall appearance of the ticket. An attractive design can be created by using your organization or event logo as a focal point of the ticket to add visual interest. Additional artwork can be used to complement a logo, but avoid creating a cluttered look that distracts from the drawing information.

If you’re working with a template from raffle ticket software, check to see whether you’re able to upload an image or logo from your computer onto the ticket and follow the instructions provided.

These guidelines also apply to the ticket stub. While the stub is, by definition, the smallest portion of the ticket, by no means does that make it any less important than the main part of the ticket. After all, it’s the part you retain for the drawing itself – without it, you can’t choose a winner! You’ll need the ticketholder’s name and contact information, including phone number and/or e-mail address, at a minimum.

Don’t forget to number the tickets! Good raffle ticket software will allow you to number the tickets forward or backward sequentially with the start number of your choice, so if you want to start with No. 123 and end with No. 3465, you can. Best of all is software that tells you exactly how many total pages of tickets you will be printing out based on how many tickets you need, and print them out in stack or single-sheet order. No more unpleasant surprises!

Have fun designing your raffle tickets, and may your next event be a great success!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda’s Rowlands

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