Key Differences In Ascending And Descending Order

Ascending Order

This option prints your tickets from the starting number to the ending number, lowest to highest.  For example, you pick your starting number as “1” and ending number as “1000,” your tickets will print in ascending order “1,2,3,4……1000.”

Descending Order

The Descending Order option prints your tickets in reverse order (from the last ticket number to the first, descending).  For example, you choose your starting number as “1000” and “1” as your ending number, your tickets will print in descending order “1000, 0999, 0998….1.”

It is important to not that the roles of the starting and ending numbers reverse when you choose descending order. In this case, your starting number will NOT be the actual first ticket number, but only refers to the ticket number that will be printed first. The first number that is printed will be the last number in your set (1000) and your print job will end with the first number in your set (1).

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