Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Organizing A Raffle:

Gather your materials in advance

It’s a good idea to be over prepared for your next raffle or event. You can get a lot of your materials together well in advance – even before you’ve ironed out all the details.

– Buy extra ink for your printer. There are a lot of great buys online, but you’ll need to allow time for shipping.

– Make sure your computer is running at its best. Take care of any known issues like viruses or full hard drives before it’s crunch time and it decides to conk out on you.

– Make sure you still have Raffle Ticket installed on your machine. Call our office at 1-800-944-9526 or e-mail if you need your registration information resent to you.

– Check to make sure you have staples, paperclips, envelopes, or whatever you plan to use to hold the tickets together in booklets.

 Organize Your Volunteers

Help those who are helping you. If you make a sales plan and spend extra time up-front to organize your volunteer sales force, you will reap the rewards later on.

Read great ideas for organizing your ticket sales team.

Thank Your Donors And Sponsors

Many businesses can be enticed to donate prizes for your drawing if you promise to promote their business in return.

Click here for tips on thanking your donors and sponsors.

Get The Word Out

Send information about your drawing to local news outlets.

Click here for ideas on how to get the word out.


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