Picture File Extensions:

Saving your document: When you save your Raffle Ticket document, you save it as a Raffle File (.RTF).

Inserting an image:

You can insert images that are either .JPEG, .TIF, .BMP, .GIF or .PNG formats. By default, the software is set to import images that are BMPs. To change the filetype, click on the drop-down menu and select what type of file you wish to import.

Editing Pictures:

Once you insert your image onto your raffle ticket template, you may want to make changes. To resize the image, use the magnifying glasses (+ and -), and it will resize uniformly with each click.
To place the image where you want it, left-click and drag the image around within the text box. Make sure you also look at the actual raffle ticket template to see what the final product will be.

Inserting Multiple Pictures:

Raffle Ticket also allows you to insert multiple images onto a single raffle ticket, and move each around individually as desired, resize as needed, lock the image in place, place text around or over the top of the photo, and delete images you no longer want.

Image Size:

In order for your raffle tickets to look their best, inserted images should be between 100×100 and 200×200 pixels. If your image is not the right size, you can use the plus and minus magnifying glasses to make it fit.

Note: minimizing your images too many times directly in the Ticket Design window may cause pixilation issues, and a blurry image.
There are dozens of free and low cost image editing software available, such as Windows’ Paint, which you can use to resize your image. Remember to save your image as a .Jpeg, .Tiff, .Gif, .Png, or .Bmp. Other file formats are not recognized and cannot be imported into Raffle Ticket.

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