All you need to do is adjust the tickets with our Printer Adjustment Panel.  Some printers are limited on how close to the edge of the paper they can print. We have provided an adjustment tool in the software where you can reduce the image to avoid this problem. From the pull down menu at the top of the screen click on “Ticket” and select “Print Adjustment”.

Printer Adjustment Panel:

To make sure that your tickets are printed correctly, the Printer Adjustment Panel helps you customize and avoid printing issues, saving you time, money, and grief.

There are two main tabs within this panel – Print Nudge and Print Size.

Print Nudge Tab:

The Print Nudge tab does exactly what it sounds like. It nudges your raffle ticket content up and down, and/or left to right. This way, you can make sure that your ticket doesn’t get cut off when printed and doesn’t intersect with the perforated parts of the paper. If you find that you adjusted the content too much, you can always reset to the defaults and try again!

Print Size Tab:

The Print Size tab adjusts your ticket’s content to fit with the size of the paper you plan on using. It functions similarly to the Print Nudge tab, allowing you to make sure that nothing gets cut off.

When you make an adjustment, it shows up within the main page, so you know exactly what the outcome will be.

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