A great idea for a Father’s Day-themed fundraiser can be as close as a local golf course.

Golf ball drop fundraiser
Ask a local helicopter pilot to donate their services for a golf ball drop.

If you can imagine a thousand golf balls raining down onto a target placed on a course green, you can imagine a golf ball drop. With a little coordination, your organization can put together a fun, memorable event to help raise money for your cause.

To make a golf ball drop happen, first make arrangements with a golf course owner in your area to temporarily reserve a green for the event. To actually drop the balls, ask your local fire department to provide a bucket truck and driver for the event; or hire a helicopter or hot air balloon (they may offer a reduced fee or even participate for free in exchange for being mentioned in your event publicity).

Numbered golf balls
Number the golf balls to match the raffle tickets you’ve sold. Drop them from a height and whichever numbers land withing a target win a raffle prize.

Sequentially enumerate a set number of golf balls – up to 1,000, if you like – and put them in a bag, bucket or other container ready to be taken up to about 150 feet and dropped onto a target on the designated green.

There are a number of different ways to award prizes in a golf ball drop. Each participant purchases a quantity of raffle tickets and the number on the tickets matches the numbers on the golf balls. Each ball that lands within the target area wins a prize. You can place the winning balls in a jar and randomly draw them to determine which prize to award.

You can also place one raffle ticket in a sealed envelope prior to the drop. If one of the balls that drops within the target area has the same number as the sealed ticket, that ticketholder wins the “grand prize” – perhaps a new car (donated by a local dealership), a $1,000 gift card to a home improvement center, etc.

You could also award smaller prizes to first-, second-, third- and fourth-place ticketholders or, alternately, the ticketholder whose ball ends up farthest from the hole – a 46” LCD television, for instance, or a 4G Apple iPad 2.

A golf ball drop fundraiser is sure to create a buzz in your community. Have fun!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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