Help those who are helping you – organize your volunteers

Volunteers are critical to a successful raffleOrganizing raffle drawings can be chaotic – yet another thing on your already-to-full plate. But as busy as you are, you need to stop every once and a while and take a moment to recognize the hard work of those support people who are the backbone of your organization.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but taking the time to create an ordered structure for your sales team can ease tensions and make your volunteers feel appreciated.

Here are a couple of ideas to help your staff in their efforts:

1)     Assign a leader. It might not be easy to get someone to step up as leader, but It’s easier on everyone if one person is in charge. There will be less confusion and probably fewer conflicts.

2)     Enlist as many volunteers as you can manage. Make sure your volunteers have the contact info of the person in charge.

3)     Schedule regular, but brief, meetings so everyone can compare notes and check progress. You’ll discover if someone is struggling and you’ll be able to offer them help and guidance.

4)     Set clear deadlines and monitor to make sure everyone is meeting them. It’ll prevent having to dump a ton of work on one or two people at the last minute.

5)     Offer ideas and ask for ideas from all of the volunteers. You might be surprised who has contacts that will take your drawing up to the next notch. Your volunteers will also feel rewarded if you put their ideas into practice.

6)     Call each volunteers up front by name so they can be recognized by the whole group. Everyone likes a round of applause so let them have their moment in the spotlight. And, it wouldn’t hurt to give a small gift or token of appreciation either

Just about every group has a couple of dedicated individuals quietly working in the background who keep everything from falling apart. Most of the time, these people go long stretches between “thank you”s.

Whether these people are secretaries, club officers, or faithful volunteers, they deserve a little recognition. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but it might encourage these faithful helpers to come back next year.

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