Making Raffle Ticket Covers Are A Great Way To

Ticket booklet covers
Sample ticket booklet with a numbered cover

Protect Tickets

Raffle Ticket enthusiasts Ashley and Frances, from Australia, sent me a nice e-mail with a great idea about making raffle ticket booklet covers.  Consequently I wanted to share with you. Not only do they add a little extra professionalism to your organization, but they are a great way to protect the tickets.

Steps for making ticket covers

St. Patrick's Day 50-50 Raffle Ticket

Ticket made using Raffle Ticket Software

In this example let’s assume we’re printing a total of 250 tickets and we’re going to staple them into booklets of 10 each, for a total of 25 booklets.

Print your tickets 

  1. Design your normal ticket and in the Numbering Specification tab, select  “Numbering Style: Stack Order”, “Numbering Order: Descending”. “Starting Number” would then be 250 and “Total Ticket Quantity: 250”. This will print a total of 32 sheets.
  2. Now, when you print the tickets, they will be stacked in consecutive order so you can cut them apart, put them together in stacks of 10, and they’ll be in order from lowest to highest number.

 Make a cover

  1. In the Ticket Design Panel delete any extra information you don’t want on the cover.
  2. Next within the Stub Design Panel you can un-check everything under enable, or you can leave in helpful information like “If found, please call 555-555-5555”.
  3. Then using the  Numbering Specification Panel, delete all from starting number, ticket quantity and no. of digits.  This will give you a blank stub and just allow the main words on the cover to appear.    This will only show one ticket with the information.  You will then have to put in the ticket quantity i.e.) the number of covers you want.

Remember, if you don’t want to number the booklets, you can put zero in the “Number of Digits” area. But, if you want to number the booklets to make it easier to track who is selling which ones, just change “Numbering Style” to ‘Single Sheet Order’, “Numbering Order” to ‘Ascending’. And “Starting Number” would then be 1 with the “Total Ticket Quantity set to 25 followed by the “Number of Digits” set to 3. Note:  This will print a total of 4 sheets.

You can use a different color paper if you want. Card stock makes nice, durable covers for booklets made on bond stock which is lighter and easier to staple through.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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