Holiday Fundraiser Ideas That Help Lessen The Burden On Families

holiday fundraiser ideasPreparing for the holidays can not only be stressful, but often overwhelming for many families. Your organization can help with holiday fundraiser ideas that offer a number of useful services and can help keep Mom and Dad’s to-do list short.

Amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas – all the shopping, decorating, and travelling adds up – it’s easy to lose track of time. Your group can help busy families enjoy home-baked goods by offering baked holiday cookies that members of the community can purchase by the dozen. Decide on two or three basic, popular varieties, such as sugar cookies or snickerdoodles, and begin taking orders at least two weeks in advance to give your group time to prepare and bake. If time, skill and interest allows, you could even offer pies or cakes.

While families are spending the day at the local mall or shopping center, your organization can make arrangements with mall management to set up a few tables and host a friendly gingerbread house-building competition with moms against dads against kids or brothers against sisters. Younger ones can try their hands at decorating gingerbread men and women (with adult assistance). A local bakery could donate cookies or building materials, with one of the bakers volunteering to judge the finished construction projects and/or cookies.

A great way to raise funds at Christmas time while helping families is by raffling off a fresh Christmas tree or wreath. Your local tree farm may be happy to donate a gorgeous tree or wreath in exchange for free advertising in your event’s promotional materials. Print out your own tickets on festive colored paper and customize the graphics on the tickets to highlight the season.

If you have a few scrapbookers in your group, they could apply their talent and interest by creating colorful, handmade greeting cards or gift tags. With advance orders (and for a nominal extra fee), the cards or tags could be personalized for that extra-special touch.

May you enjoy a successful and joyful holiday season, and have fun at your next event!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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