With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of creative ways your organization can help the community celebrate … and raise funds at the same time.  There are several festive ideas for a Christmas fundraiser.

For many families, Christmas dinner is a central part of their holiday celebration. You could raffle off a certain number of turkeys and/or hams (or both!), using festively colored raffle tickets with customized artwork. Work with local supermarkets or butchers to put together a package of prizes that could include a meal with all the fixings.

ugly Christmas sweater Christmas FundraiserIt seems as though just about everyone has that one blindingly ugly sweater … why not celebrate it? Consider holding an Ugly Sweater or Ugly Tie contest, charging a nominal entry fee for entrants. Or you can keep it positive and hold a Hot Hat contest for best-looking hat. Guests at the event can serve as judges, as can local officials such as the city mayor or school superintendent.

‘Tis the season to go shopping, right? Your group can lend a big hand to harried shoppers by offering a gift-wrap service at the local department store or mall for a couple of dollars per item wrapped. Not everyone has a knack for wrapping, and the convenience of having someone else neatly wrap a gift and put ribbon and a bow on it will surely be well worth the modest fee.


Make arrangements with management at the store or the mall and be clear on whether a table and a couple of chairs can be supplied or if you’ll need to bring your own. It’s possible the tape, wrapping paper, ribbons and other supplies can be donated by the store. Not feeling too confident in your gift-wrapping skills? Brush up by watching YouTube videos online and get some practice in.

Presents go under the tree – so why not offer Christmas trees as a fundraiser? Partner with a local tree farmer who has set up a stand in a prominent corner of a parking lot, preferably on a busy street or at the mall for maximum exposure. Some or all of the proceeds can go to your organization, whether on a certain day only or the entire tree-selling season.

seasonal ticket templates
12 Days of Christmas Raffle



Have fun and good luck with your fundraising efforts this holiday season!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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