raffle prize ideasWhen you’re planning a raffle, deciding on the type of raffle prize can quickly become a headache. Your organization may be providing lots of fun and entertainment and offering an opportunity for the community to support a great cause, but without great prizes the event may fall flat.

Choosing a raffle prize begins with the community. You may find that business owners/representatives in your area are more than happy to help your organization reach its fundraising goal. A locally owned spa, for example, could donate gift certificates for an hour-long massage, or a ski resort could donate five free ski lessons. (An offer to post a sign near the donated item that displays the donor’s business name would likely be appreciated.)

When approaching a business for a donation, keep in mind that in many cases, chain stores aren’t always your best bet. Some outright prohibit making donations, while others may require a written request that must go a few rungs up the corporate ladder before it’s even considered. Locally owned businesses tend to respond more quickly and more positively to donation requests.

It’s a good idea to supplement donations with a mix of other prizes. It’s important to work within a budget when you’re thinking about prizes for your raffle drawing. The more money that’s been budgeted, the more – or more expensive – your raffle prize can be..

Common ranges for raffle prize values are up to $50 and $50 – $100.There’s a lot you can do in each value range while keeping it exciting for participants. Gift baskets filled with a variety of items are always a popular choice – a coffee-themed basket with different coffees, mugs and flavored creamers, or a baseball-themed basket with tickets to the local game and a baseball hat, are just two of many, many popular themes.

Electronics make great raffle prize ideas, since many people want them but won’t buy them for themselves and they’re relatively affordable depending on your raffle prize budget. A Kindle or Nook e-reader can be bought for under $100, as can a Bluetooth headset or a Wii Fit Plus with balance board.

So get creative with your prizes and have fun at your next raffle!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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