Looking for a holiday-themed raffle that’s a little different and a lot of fun? Give the 12 Days of Christmas raffle a try – it’s a great way to keep the excitement building up until the big day and provides an opportunity to involve a variety of local businesses.

Twelve Days of Christmas raffle drawing
Try out a Twelve Days of Christmas raffle where you hold daily drawings with ever-increasing prizes. You can sell individual tickets or all 12 as a package at a savings.

The rules are fairly simple: your organization holds a raffle drawing and offers a different prize every day for 12 days. To keep interest high, the value of the prizes increases the closer you get to Christmas.

With a dozen prizes to pay out, you’ll need to be creative in your planning and make the most of your prize budget. A great way to start out is to contact locally owned businesses in your community and ask if they would like to either donate a product or service or offer them at a reduced price. Many times, a local business owner will be happy to donate, as this amounts to “free” advertising for him or her.

Gift certificates, vouchers and coupon books for popular items and services make great prizes, especially at the early stages of a 12-day drawing. To keep enthusiasm high and encourage ticket sales, offer increasingly higher-end items, such as a weekend getaway for two, a Nintendo Wii U or a 50″ flat-screen TV.

For a raffle like the 12 Days of Christmas, you can sell tickets individually and offer a block of 12 at a special rate for the chance to win all 12 prizes. (A smart idea is to clarify that a winning ticket can only win once!) Be sure to collect all tickets prior to the date of the first drawing.

Download the 12 Days of Christmas ticket template files now.

Seasonal Ticket Template
12 Days Of Christmas

Above all – have fun!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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