advertising a raffleSend information about your drawing to local news outlets – TV, radio, newspapers, community calendars, local-info web sites,  chambers of commerce, even posters in store entryways. They’ll often mention your organization or event and sometimes they will even send a reporter or local dignitary to your event.  If your raffle is a secondary part of another event, such as a community fair, make sure the announcement booth or emcee has all the details about your organization.  This way they can advertise your raffle throughout the event.  Have volunteers continually walk the grounds of the event to sell tickets and get the word out.  Set up a tent or booth that also sells tickets, holds all the prizes, and can answer any questions people may have.  There is no reason advertising a raffle can’t be fun! Make sure all your posters, announcements and volunteers put their most cheerful attitudes forward to represent your organization and cause well.

It’s free advertising that will help to draw more interest!  Advertising a raffle is the best way to ensure you are successful.

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