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With the month of June come Father’s Day and the first official days of summer – warm, sunny days that are perfect for cookouts and outdoor fun. Your organization can host a barbecue and serve up delicious food and games for the whole family.

Consider how many volunteers will be needed to take care of setup, breakdown, cooking and cleanup. You’ll also need a small team of volunteers to arrange advertising for the event. It’s a good idea to work with your local police or constabulary to help direct traffic in and out of parking areas during the barbecue and coordinate with firefighters and emergency services personnel as a precaution. And be sure to comply with all local health department requirements and to obtain any necessary permits in advance of the barbecue.

community cookout
Community-wide cookouts can be a great fundraising opportunity for your organization this summer.

In return for free advertising in your event’s promotional materials and advertising, local businesses such as grocery stores and event planners may donate the use of items such as large tents, tables, silverware, and commercial-style grills and coolers that are sufficient to keep perishable foods fresh and ready to cook. Tailor the menu to local tastes and your budget; consider offering cold salads, snacks, beverages and desserts as well as the grilled meats.

Food is the main event at a barbecue, but family-friendly games such as bocce, badminton and volleyball and other activities such as door prizes and raffle drawings will help round out the day with fun for everyone. You can print out your own customized raffle tickets and sell them prior to your event at key locations in your community as well as at the entry point on the day of the barbecue.

Music is another big draw for events. Seek out local musical acts to provide entertainment during the barbecue, or arrange for a radio station DJ to set up a booth and deliver a live broadcast during the day. Or, to add yet more fundraising opportunities, reserve the musical entertainment for after traditional dinner hours and create an evening of tunes with a separate, ticketed entry fee.

Event Ticket Template
Get a head start on your fundraising with our outdoor cookout event ticket template.

There’s no better way to welcome summer than with a barbecue. Celebrate its return with the community and enjoy a successful event!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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