FriendraisingI am constantly in search of ideas to help out my fundraising friends.  Through my searches I have learned that fundraising is not just about raising money.  It is about forming and growing relationships within your community in an attempt to change lives…to make the world a better place to live.  This is because as human beings we do not respond well to being a number.  We need to feel like we are persons who are part of a community.

The other day I came across a term that is new to me, Friendraising.


What is Friendraising?

“Friend-raising is described as a form of fundraising that involves befriending an organization or individual for the purpose of helping support the financial aspect of a charity, nonprofit group or other community benefit organization.” -Wikipedia The relationship is  genuine  where each party involved is ensuring an outcome that benefits the community as a whole.  As a result, all parties are mutually committed to seeing that effort succeed.

When we recognize that a better word for fundraising is “friend raising,” we open limitless doors to creativity in support of our causes. -Sue Vineyard

Why Friendraising Works

Friend raising is networking at its finest.  It is said that the people we hang with have similar goals, passions, morals and interests. What you are passionate about they are also passionate about.  As a result, a friend raised community will not let their goals subside.   These friendships are what  develops the quality of life in the community.  It allows everyone to create a social network.  You are asking for the person’s help, participation, involvement,  and  good ideas.  Think about it……if you had a group of enthusiastic friends for your organization whose passion harmonized with yours, what would they do for your cause?  And what would you do for theirs?

How to Start Friendraising

 “Donors don’t give to you; they give through you to create the change they want to see.”

This statement is so true.  Start with trying to make friends with your donors. You want to make your donors feel significant.  This will keep them connected to you as long-term supporters and investors in your work.

Remember that great friendships don’t happen overnight.  It takes time to mature a true friendship.  But the end result is priceless. Think about it.  The outcome will be a growing network of loyal friends who spread the word about your organization.  Everyone will do whatever they can to keep the cause growing.

Happy Fund and Friend Raising!

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Gail Schalizki, Raffle Ticket Designer

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