February event tickets

Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, President’s Day store promotions will build your mailing lists

Build your brand while generating goodwill and repeat business by using customized raffle tickets to reward loyal customers while helping to promote a sale or special event at your business or organization.Save ticket stubs

The month of February is ripe with opportunities for customers – Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and Presidents Day all take place this month. Many companies take advantage of the Presidents Day weekend in particular as a time to mark down inventory or offer freebies, and consumers are responding.

Raffle tickets can become part of the holiday sale momentum and promote a holiday-themed sales event or special offer. You’ll want personalized, sequentially numbered tickets that display the name, address and contact information of your business or group. It’s easy to print them at the office with raffle ticket software. (Be sure to use perforated paper so your customer can easily remove the stub.)

Keep a stack of printed raffle tickets near the front desk or cash register along with several pens and a small bowl or jar to let customers fill in their names and contact information on the stubs and drop them into the container. You can use this personal information to build an effective marketing mailing list.

Several weeks prior to your event, collect the stubs and use the contact information to remind customers of the upcoming sale and compile a guest list. As they arrive on the big day, you can check their ticket numbers against your guest list.

You can also reward loyal customers with a free gift just for presenting you with a valid ticket stub from a prior visit. This is fun at any point in the year, but keeping the theme seasonal helps make it a special event.

Be sure to keep in mind the nature of your organization or business and what your customers are most likely to want to see you offer as a prize. For example, if your landscaping/nursery company is warming up to the spring planting season, consider offering a free packet of seeds or a flat of live plants. If there is an expiration date, make note of it on the ticket body and on the stub.

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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