Fire Truck ride reward
Experience raffle prizes don’t have to have a dollar value. A ride on a fire truck or other once-in-a-lifetime experience can be just as rewarding.

When it comes to fundraisers, it’s fun to offer something different. If your organization is looking for an unusual drawing, think about experience raffles.

At first glance, this drawing looks much like many others: you print out your customized raffle tickets and sell them throughout the community. What makes this type of event unique is that the prizes aren’t tangible. Instead, entrants enter to win the chance to do or participate in something they’ll never forget.

Some examples of popular experience raffles include being in your local school’s homecoming parade – imagine how much fun it would be to ride on one of the floats! A grand prize winner could be given the opportunity to punt the football at the big game or wear the school mascot costume during a heated match against a rival team.

Another idea is to coordinate with your local fire department and raffle off achance to ride in a fire truck – the winner might even be given a tour of the firehouse and a chance to eat with the firefighters. If your town’s mayor, town supervisor or other governmental administrator is popular, lunch with a local dignitary could be a prize as well.

An experience prize could even be something a little more practical. For example, you could raffle off the opportunity to have members of your organization mow the winner’s lawn or perform other yard work, help pack up for moving day, etc.

Experience raffles are an excellent way to help organizations raise funds without requiring a large investment in cash or prizes prior to the drawing. It also offers members of the community the chance to have fun doing something they never thought they’d be able to do. So have fun and give an experience raffle a try!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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