Event Admission Ticket Templates

Make memorable event admission tickets that attendees will keep as memorabilia for years to come.  Raffle Ticket Software need not be limited to just raffle tickets. There is no end to the types of tickets you will be able to make right from your home printer.  Here are just a few printable event ticket templates that you can download for free and edit using our software.

Below are sample ticket templates that you can download and use as templates to start your own tickets, but first:

  1. Make sure you have Raffle Ticket software installed on your computer. You can get the free demo-version of the software now.
  2. Click on any ticket to automatically download a zipped file containing the ticket in .RFT format and the images used (you must have Raffle Ticket Software installed on your computer to be able to open the ticket file).
  3. Open the zip file once it is downloaded. You may see a folder containing the fonts used on this ticket. If you want to use these fonts and don’t already have them installed on your computer, follow your computer’s instructions for installing a new font.
  4. Make your changes and additions to the template, and print or save them for later!


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