Dunk tank fundraising tickets

Dunk tank drawing
Hold a drawing to determine who will get dunked.

When it comes to organizing fundraising events, the temptation can be great to stick with what’s always worked in the past.   The same annual event, the familiar raffle drawing table, etc. However, There comes a time when a fresh, new approach is in order.  Why not spruce up your organization’s fundraising using a dunk tank?  A dunk tank is a great way to make a real “splash” in the community!


Dunk tank sample ticket
Download a sample of a dunk tank fundraiser ticket
  1. The dunk tank fundraiser works best when with two or three candidates for getting dunked.  This is great particularly if they are high-ranking members of the community. For example, dunking a school board member or building principal is a great way to get parents and even kids to take part and support the PTO. Dunking the pastor of a local church or the town’s fire chief can also be a fun draw.
  2. Guests at the event can purchase numbered raffle tickets for the chance to throw a ball at the target and activate the dunker. The stubs are placed in a basket. At  pre-set intervals, a volunteer picks a stub from the basket and announces the winning ticket number. The holder of that ticket gets to take their best shot!
  3. If the weather isn’t right for an outdoor dunking, or if you want to save the expense of renting a dunk tank, you could always make the dunkee walk the plank at the local pool or just douse him with dozens of water balloons.
dunk tank advertising
Make flyers and postcards to whip up excitement over who the possible “dunkee” could be.

Alterrnatives to a Dunk Tank

A variation is to sell tickets using different ticket colors. Each color represents a different “dunkee.” At the end of the event, a volunteer counts the number of different colors in the basket. Whoever has the most tickets is the lucky one who may end up getting wet! Then you can draw tickets to see who gets the first shot at the dunkee.

Your dunkee doesn’t have to get wet either. You could have the most-purchased ticket get a crazy haircut or have to wear a funny dress and makeup. The possibilities are endless.

There’s no need to settle for business as usual when it comes to fundraising. Try something new and have fun!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

One thought on “Dunk a skunk and make a splash with this tank fundraiser!

  1. The idea with of “walking the plank” at a pool is genius! I can’t believe I never thought of that. The weather here is usually too cold at the end of each school year to have an actual dunk tank for our fundraiser. I think I’ll bring this idea to my other colleges and see what they have to say.

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