Everyone loves a compliment
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Everyone loves a compliment.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where we receive more compliments than complaints? It sure would be a brighter place to live!  Have you heard the saying, “You reap what you sow?”  So if you put out (sow) good energy (such as a compliment), then good will be attracted (reap) back to you. You can help create this positive energy and raise money for your cause by having a Compliment Fundraiser.

How to Run a Compliment Fundraiser

You can have your Compliment fundraiser wherever you congregate: school, work, the legion, church, girl/boy-scouts, etc.  Set up a booth with a sign that says “Compliments $1.” Or whatever price you decide to charge.  Donors then fill out a ticket order form, which is given to the recipient on delivery.  Have a ‘Compliment Crew’ walk up and give someone a genuine compliment.

Your Compliment Crew should be outgoing, positive, enthusiastic people.  Their job is to verbally give the receiver their compliment as well as give them their ticket as a memento.

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Donors fill out a ticket order form for the person they want to compliment.

Most likely when a person is given a compliment, they will want to return a compliment. Especially when s/he knows that money is being raised for a good cause. Everyone wants to ‘pay it forward’.  Therefore, be sure that your designated Compliment crew take order forms with them so that they can collect more compliments  and donations on their delivery route.

Generate Interest

To generate interest give a few compliments away to people who are always pleasant and helpful.  This will help create a feeling of excitement about your Compliment fundraiser.

A Compliment fundraiser can be an amazingly successful fundraiser and a really uplifting experience that benefits everyone!  It is an enjoyable way to raise money, give deserving people sincere compliments that make them feel great;  as well as provide an opportunity for people to praise and thank others.  Want to bring happiness into people’s lives? Try a Compliment fundraiser as your next event!

Everyone loves a compliment
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