Fall carnival fundraiserSoon enough, in many parts of the country the leaves will begin changing colors and those gentle breezes will take on a crisp feel. A great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is with a fall carnival fundraiser to help support your organization.

The ideal venue will offer indoor as well as outdoor space to accommodate a variety of activities. Brightly colored décor is practically a must, and you can add a festive autumn look to your event by decorating the different activity areas with gold, crimson and green plastic leaves, cornucopia pieces bursting with purple grape clusters and red apples, and small hay bales. Be sure to plan space for food service booths or stations (hot dogs and cotton candy are classic carnival treats!).

Some of the many outdoor activities that you can offer at the fall carnival fundraiser are a three-legged race, an egg toss (don’t drop it!), a sack race or a wheelbarrow race, or horseshoes, bocce and other backyard games. A tug of war pitting moms against dads or brothers against sisters might even spark lighthearted rivalries that last until the next carnival! Prizes don’t need to be expensive – think mini sports balls, koosh balls and whimsical key chains.

A fall carnival fundraiser is ideal for outdoor sports of all kinds

three legged raceFor indoor fun, you could set up and decorate a karaoke stage for people of any age to entertain all your carnival guests – charge a certain number of tickets per song, and let the audience vote for who stays and who goes. Or put on some fun music and hold a hula hoop contest for participants to compete in categories such as most hoops, best trick, or longest time hooping. You can sell tickets to take part in the competition or to just hula hoop for a certain amount of time. A magician or a clown will add to the festive atmosphere.

Admission to the fall carnival fundraiser is made easy when you sell tickets in advance and at the door. These tickets, as well as those purchased to enter the hula hooping contest and the karaoke sing-off, can double as raffle tickets if you offer a door prize or a 50-50 or other type of drawing. Drawing prizes can come from merchants and businesses in your community who wish to help support your cause.

A fall carnival fundraiser is a great way to bring a smile to the young and young-at-heart while raising funds for your worthy cause. Have fun and good luck!

Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

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