Raise Funds and the American Flag!

With Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day in May, and Flag Day in June; now is the perfect time to plan for raising funds for your local, well-deserving veterans and their support organizations.  It is also the perfect time to raise your American Flags in their memory and honor! Gift Basket Ideas Patriotic gift baskets at this time of year make popular raffle ticket prizes.  Be sure to use  all the red, white, and blue and fill the basket with sparklers,

Holiday Fundraiser Ideas That Help Lessen The Burden On Families

Preparing for the holidays can not only be stressful, but often overwhelming for many families. Your organization can help with holiday fundraiser ideas that offer a number of useful services and can help keep Mom and Dad’s to-do list short. Amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas – all the shopping, decorating, and travelling adds up – it’s easy to lose track of time. Your group can help busy families enjoy home-baked goods by offering bake

A Holiday Fundraiser That Will Feed Your Sense Of Community

Ready or not, summer has officially ended and fall has begun. As the holiday fundraiser season approaches, thoughts turn toward preparing for gatherings of family and friends … but for many, this is when a busy life is made even busier and more stressful. You can help alleviate some of the crush of the holidays and help foster a sense of community while getting the word out about your organization by hosting a Thanksgiving feast for everyone. Plan to be

Halloween raffle ideas to make your event spook-tacular!

As the leaves begin ever so slowly to turn colors and the temperatures start to cool off from the height of summer's glory, thoughts naturally turn to the glories of fall … hoodies, hot cocoa, football scrimmages and – arguably the most popular of all – Halloween. October's increasingly popular holiday can help your organization raise money to support its charitable work. As the big day (or night!) approaches, more and more families will be heading out in

Memorial Day fundraisers herald the beginning of the summer season

For many people, Memorial Day fundraisers over the long weekend mark the unofficial first days of summer.  One great way to generate interest in your organization's fundraising raffle is to offer irresistible summertime necessities as prizes. A day at the beach is a classic way to enjoy a sunny summer's day, so items like suntan lotion or sunscreen, beach towels/blankets, sunglasses, disposable cameras, bug spray, flip flops, sudoku or crossword puzzle

Help your community celebrate with a Christmas fundraiser

With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of creative ways your organization can help the community celebrate … and raise funds at the same time.  There are several festive ideas for a Christmas fundraiser. For many families, Christmas dinner is a central part of their holiday celebration. You could raffle off a certain number of turkeys and/or hams (or both!), using festively colored raffle tickets with customized artwork. Work with local supermarket...

Pumpkin smashing fundraisers make the most of Halloween leftovers

Not sure what to do with your jack o' lantern after Halloween night? If your answer is yes, chances are good you're not alone. There are probably many people in your community who are left wondering what to do with that grinning orange face once the candle within has burned out and the shell's begun to wither. Hold a smashing pumpkin fundraiser in the week or so after Halloween, and help make disposal easy. This type of event is a fun (and messy!) way t...