August means it’s Back To School fundraiser time

In many areas of the country, the month of August means it's time for school to start again –and time to start planning your organization's back to school fundraiser. Your group can give mom and dad a hand and raffle off gift baskets full of supplies for a back to school fundraiser. Coordinate with your local school districts to determine what specific items will be needed by students in the coming year: many schools maintain a list of commonly needed i

Experience raffles are worth more than money

When it comes to fundraisers, it's fun to offer something different. If your organization is looking for an unusual drawing, think about experience raffles. At first glance, this drawing looks much like many others: you print out your customized raffle tickets and sell them throughout the community. What makes this type of event unique is that the prizes aren't tangible. Instead, entrants enter to win the chance to do or participate in something the...

Raffle Tickets as classroom rewards

There are times when a chance of winning a prize is as effective as the prize itself A creative way to reward students in a classroom setting is through the use of raffle tickets. Tickets can used in a variety of ways to help kids maintain or improve their focus and behavior during class time and even encourage them to think outside the box. Whenever you witness a desired behavior, reward that student with a raffle ticket (or more, if you like). It

Promote hometown businesses and crafters with locally-sourced raffle prizes

Promote hometown businesses and crafters with locally-sourced raffle prizes When it’s time to find unique prizes for your next raffle drawing, take a close look at the small businesses and crafters in your community! Offering high-quality locally sourced and handcrafted items can provide the missing ingredient that elevates your fundraising event to a whole new level by helping to promote local businesses and their one-of-a-kind products. Your organiza

Great prize ideas to make your next fundraiser a huge hit

When you’re planning a raffle, deciding on the type of raffle prize can quickly become a headache. Your organization may be providing lots of fun and entertainment and offering an opportunity for the community to support a great cause, but without great prizes the event may fall flat. Choosing a raffle prize begins with the community. You may find that business owners/representatives in your area are more than happy to help your organization reach its f

How to hold meat raffles

Meat raffles are a creative fundraising event in which the prize winner takes home … you guessed it … meat. Meat raffles can be found in Australia, Canada and Britain as well as in the United States, where they are frequently (though not exclusively) held in the Midwest, including western New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and areas of New England. VFW and American Legion posts, pubs and bars are often host to these charitable meat raffles, but freque...