August means it’s Back To School fundraiser time

In many areas of the country, the month of August means it's time for school to start again –and time to start planning your organization's back to school fundraiser. Your group can give mom and dad a hand and raffle off gift baskets full of supplies for a back to school fundraiser. Coordinate with your local school districts to determine what specific items will be needed by students in the coming year: many schools maintain a list of commonly needed i

October events offer ample fundraising opportunities

With the end of summer comes the end of vacation season, the beginning of another school year - and a whole new season of fundraising opportunities. October is a great month for themed fundraising events, with Columbus Day in the middle of the month and Halloween at the end. Celebrating the arrival of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in the Americas on Oct. 12, 1492, Columbus Day is a federal holiday that is observed in most states with parades and

Fall fundraising ideas to warm your heart and clean your yard

Ahhh, autumn. The season of hot cocoa, bright colors on trees, lengthening shadows and the first crisp, frosty mornings. It's a great season to celebrate with a fall fundraiser! With harvest season fast approaching, your organization could team up with a local pumpkin or apple farm (sometimes one and the same) to help you raise money for your cause. Larger farms often hold a festival on their grounds to showcase the bounty of their harvest, with fun rid

A fundraising plan is your road map to success

A key element to the success of any business in operation today is its business plan – a road map that outlines the route a business plans to take to increase its revenues and grow financially. A similar road map exists for nonprofits and other organizations that raise monies for their continued growth and success.  Called a fundraising plan, this road map helps you to look ahead, establish fundraising goals and then focus your efforts on how to achieve t

Volunteer perks keep fundraising motivation high

  Running a successful fundraising campaign can be mentally and emotionally tiring for even the most enthusiastic volunteer. After weeks and months of hard work trying to keep the community’s enthusiasm high, workers themselves can be in need of a pick-me-up. Here are some ideas to help prevent the candle from burning at both ends and keep your team’s motivation boosted. (more…)...

How to make Raffle Ticket booklet covers

Making Raffle Ticket Covers Are A Great Way To Protect Tickets Raffle Ticket enthusiasts Ashley and Frances, from Australia, sent me a nice e-mail with a great idea about making raffle ticket booklet covers.  Consequently I wanted to share with you. Not only do they add a little extra professionalism to your organization, but they are a great way to protect the tickets. (more…)

See how tickets were used to fund raise at Jeffery’s benefit

Medical expenses are frequently cited as the top reason for bankruptcies in America today. While health insurance may cover a good percentage of costly treatments, few if any plans actually pay 100% of the cost of care for serious illnesses. When that happens, families and friends may decide to rally together and plan a benefit event, using raffles to raise money and help defray expenses. Lori and Jeffery found themselves in this situation not long ...

Successful fundraisers hinge on smart goals

How did your last raffle go?  Were you happy with the amount of money you raised?  If not, you may think that raffles aren't the best way for your organization to raise funds. But hold on.  Ask yourself, what part of the fund raising went poorly?  Did you fail to meet your ticket selling goals? Were they priced too low, or too high?  Did you factor in the cost of the prizes, the cost of the ticket making and the cost of the drawing event itself?  Di...

How to organize your volunteers

Help those who are helping you - organize your volunteers Organizing raffle drawings can be chaotic - yet another thing on your already-to-full plate. But as busy as you are, you need to stop every once and a while and take a moment to recognize the hard work of those support people who are the backbone of your organization. It may sound counter-intuitive, but taking the time to create an ordered structure for your sales team can ease tensions and make y