How to make Raffle Ticket booklet covers

Making Raffle Ticket Covers Are A Great Way To Protect Tickets Raffle Ticket enthusiasts Ashley and Frances, from Australia, sent me a nice e-mail with a great idea about making raffle ticket booklet covers.  Consequently I wanted to share with you. Not only do they add a little extra professionalism to your organization, but they are a great way to protect the tickets. (more…)

Offer golden tickets as an incentive for purchasing extra tickets

We all know that the success or failure of raffles as fundraisers hinges on how many tickets you sell, how much you ask for them, how hard you have to work to sell them, and how much the prizes cost you. It's common practice to offer a discount to encourage people to purchase more than one ticket, such as $1 for 1 ticket and $2 for 3 tickets. This up-sell method is effective because it's easy for the purchaser to see how their odds of winning improve ex

Successful fundraisers hinge on smart goals

How did your last raffle go?  Were you happy with the amount of money you raised?  If not, you may think that raffles aren't the best way for your organization to raise funds. But hold on.  Ask yourself, what part of the fund raising went poorly?  Did you fail to meet your ticket selling goals? Were they priced too low, or too high?  Did you factor in the cost of the prizes, the cost of the ticket making and the cost of the drawing event itself?  Di...