Raise Funds For A Family Reunion

Host an Affordable Family Reunion Seven year's ago my husband, two children and myself moved from York, Pennsylvania to beautiful upstate New York.  As a result we don't get to see our extended family members very often.  This year my husband's family is having a family reunion to celebrate his aunts 75th birthday.  We are excited to be able to attend.  At family reunions you are able to visit with family members, catch up on what's going on in their

Strike A Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser

At your next event,  Grab a Mustache or Fake Nose....Invite Your Guests to Strike a Pose! Ticket designed using Raffle Ticket Software. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Do you remember going to the beach, walking the boardwalk and glancing in at the "old-time" photography store? One summer when I was in high-school a friend of mine and myself went to Ocean City for a week to baby-sit for a family from my neighborhood that was vacationing there.

A Tag the Bag Fundraiser is Great Visual Keepsake

What Is a Tag the Bag Fundraiser? A Tag the Bag fundraiser is about  providing a bag for someone who is going through a transition in life to remind them  that people are thinking about them.  You obtain one traveling bag  for the person you are having the event for.  When a donor makes a contribution they sign their name on the traveling bag - tagging the bag.  At the end of the event the person you are having the event for gets to keep the bag and t

Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

Why a carnival-style Walk-A-Thon?  Because I am always looking for ways to help people naturally to get and stay healthy. Especially since studies show that people tend to be healthier when they have a sense of community.   I began thinking about how awesome it would be to promote a health conscious fundraiser that involves the whole community while helping to promote local businesses.   As spring starts to approach the thought of nicer weather entered my

Everyone loves a compliment, why not have a Compliment Fundraiser?

Everyone loves a compliment.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where we receive more compliments than complaints? It sure would be a brighter place to live!  Have you heard the saying, "You reap what you sow?"  So if you put out (sow) good energy (such as a compliment), then good will be attracted (reap) back to you. You can help create this positive energy and raise money for your cause by having a Compliment Fundraiser. (more…)...

Fundraising vs. Friendraising

I am constantly in search of ideas to help out my fundraising friends.  Through my searches I have learned that fundraising is not just about raising money.  It is about forming and growing relationships within your community in an attempt to change lives...to make the world a better place to live.  This is because as human beings we do not respond well to being a number.  We need to feel like we are persons who are part of a community. The other day I ca

Have a Winning Fundraiser With Wine

The popularity of wine has been on the upswing in recent years, with no sign of letting up.  A wine raffle is a great way to raise funds for your organization. Contact wine merchants and/or distributors in your community and ask them to donate or sponsor bottles for your event in exchange for publicity in your advertising and marketing materials. Also consider requesting that donations be above a certain price point (for example, "Please contribute bott

Dunk a skunk and make a splash with this tank fundraiser!

Dunk tanks are a creative use for fundraising tickets When it comes to organizing your fundraising events, the temptation can be great to stick with what's always worked in the past: the same annual event, the familiar raffle drawing table. There comes a time when a fresh, new approach is in order, however. If you're looking at ways to spruce up your organization's fundraising, consider using a dunk tank to make a real "splash" in the community! Th

How to hold a treasure chest raffle

One of the fun things about raffles is the fact that there are so many types of drawings to choose from. It’s easy to try something new and possibly spark fresh interest in your organization’s cause. One game you can offer is the Treasure Chest raffle. It’s a great way for players to take an active role in the game. Instead of waiting for their ticket number to be called (or for their phone to ring or a notification of winning in the mail), the players

Raffle themes: Have you ever tried a Chinese auction?

For a fun variation on traditional raffles and silent auctions, consider holding a Chinese auction. Also known as "pick-a-prize," "tricky tray" and "penny social," the Chinese auction combines elements of a silent auction with the excitement of a drawing while giving players the opportunity to win great prizes. Chinese auctions are easy and lend themselves to fun themes too. How about a colorful Chinese New Year-themed auction to liven up the drab days of