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Make a profit at the touch of a button with a button fundraiser.

There are thousands of button collectors in the United States. Did you know that buttons even have a national holiday? That’s right, November 16th is known as National Button Day.

basketballI remember when I was in high school my friends and I would wear buttons on our jean jackets and purses that contained pictures of our favorite bands, symbols and sayings.

One year my school did a  fundraiser selling school spirit buttons that to this day is one of my favorite school fundraisers.  We took the spirit buttons, numbered each one, then sold them for $1 to everyone who came to the “big game”.  Throughout the game, an official would call a number and announce the prize….from something as small as a free drink and hot dog at the concession stand, to a donated prize(s) from a local sponsor.  We gave out basketballs, school t-shirts and the grand prize of a gift certificate to a local store.  We sold the buttons during the day at lunch; when we sold the game tickets; at the beginning of the game; and throughout the game at the concession stand.  When you do this type of fundraiser you need to make sure that you get the purchased numbers to the official before each winning “call”.

Buttons are easy ways to send messages.  It can be a funny saying, a personalized picture, an emoticon that brightens someone’s day, or your favorite band.   Buttons can also bring attention to your cause.  Just make the buttons with images related to your cause, then sell them to your community, supporters, friends and family for a small fee.

Design a Logo to Go on the Buttons

Buttons that have catch phrases are very popular and are a great way to produce lots of additional revenue.  Be creative with your logo design.  Use something that will stick out and catch people’s attention. It needs to be something that people will be proud to wear.  Check out some of our favorite buttons on our Pinterest page.

A great idea is to have a website address on the button so that people will be able to easily stay updated and in touch with your organization.

Order Your Buttons or Make Your Own

Once you have designed your fundraising buttons you will either send your order off for them to be made and delivered; or, you can make your own buttons.  If you are having a company produce them be sure you check for production time and a delivery date so that you can properly prepare for and promote fundraiser.  For easy-to-follow DIY Button instructions, see this link on wikiHow!

Just make sure you have plenty of volunteers to help put the buttons together.

Promote Your Buttons

Start raising awareness about the buttons through word of mouth, fliers, posters, newspaper ads, social media, etc. Try to ensure that all your supporters know about them; and, most importantly know how to obtain them.

Recruit A Volunteer Sales Team

Your final step is to sell the fundraising buttons to your supporters.  This will go extremely well if you prepared and promoted your button fundraiser properly.  A properly prepared sales team makes all the difference to the success of any fundraiser.

Gail Schalizki
Gail Schalizki
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  1. I’m looking to raffle off some really good tools for workers who may have had to sale their tools and other fun items to send 50/50raffke to Shriners children’s hospital in the name of hard workers

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