Hosting A ‘Find The Queen of Hearts Drawing’

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I am always on the lookout for tips and suggestions to help our customers maximize their fundraising success. Dick sent us an email about his accomplishments.  One event he had stood out.  It was called, ‘Find The Queen of Hearts Drawing’.  I had never heard of this type of drawing so I decided to learn more about it so that I could share it with you.

Queen Of Hearts Raffle TicketsI have provided abridged information from the New York State Racing & Wagering Board’s web site. Every state has its own rules and regulations.  Make sure you are in compliance with all rules in the state you plan to hold your drawing. For information on regulations, click here to locate your state.


Materials you need to get started:

  • A series of two-part, sequentially numbered raffle tickets
  • A raffle ticket drum or receptacle
  • A standard deck of fifty-two playing cards plus two Jokers
  • A locking game board with a transparent cover.  The game board should hold fifty-four faced-down side-by-side playing cards.

A Sign Needs to Be Displayed

Post a sign in all areas where ‘Find The Queen of Hearts’ drawing is conducted.   Also post a sign where the tickets are sold.   The sign should say that the total prize pool shall be comprised of sixty percent of sales. Include a listing of the payout odds on drawing cards valued two through King (excluding the Queen of Hearts). Be sure to note that forty percent of all ticket sales will be retained by the authorized organization as profit.

Design the Tickets

You will need to establish a price for each ticket. Use the Raffle Ticket Calculator to help you determine this value. On your ticket include all pertinent information.  Include the cost of each ticket, drawing dates, prizes to be awarded, etc.  Don’t forget to leave an area on the stubs for the participants names and telephone numbers (this part goes into the drum). The body of the ticket is kept by the purchaser. Print sequential numbers on both ticket parts.  This can easily be done using  Raffle Ticket software.


Shuffle the deck using a certified member of the organization.  Without revealing any of the card faces place them face-down and  side-by-side onto the game board. Secure the cards in place by locking down the transparent game board cover.

Deck of cards + 2 Jokers

Determining The Winner(s)

Draw one raffle ticket each week from among all of the tickets sold for each drawing,  At the time of each drawing have a licensed member in charge open the transparent locked cover. Please note that the first week and the twenty-sixth week (if necessary) three drawings shall be held. The participant(s) holding the winning ticket stub(s) gets to choose the next card that will be turned faced-up.

If the card selected is not the Queen of Hearts, then draw a diagonal line across its face.  The card is then returned to the game board faced-up.  The winning player should immediately be awarded a cash prize valued according to the following schedule:

Payout Odds

The winner then selects one of the face-down playing cards.  A licensed member in charge turns this card face-up. If that playing card is the Queen of Hearts, the holder of the winning raffle ticket is awarded 60% of the Grand Prize Pool.

After the twenty-sixth week of drawings one ticket is drawn each subsequent week until the Queen of Hearts is revealed.  As a result weekly raffle drawings continue until the Queen of Hearts is selected.

The 60/40 Split

Hence the winning player who draws the Queen of Hearts is awarded the Grand Prize consisting of 60% of the Pool. The licensee shall retain the remaining 40% of the Grand Prize Pool as raffle profit.

As a result of the Queen of Hearts being drawn all remaining tickets in the raffle drum or receptacle are to be defaced and discarded.


Lucinda Rowlands
Lucinda Rowlands

Post a sign in all areas where ‘Find The Queen of Hearts’ drawing is conducted.

2 thoughts on “How to hold a “Find the Queen of Hearts” drawing

  1. is there a way to set this up with the ticket purchases online using paypal or some other electronic software. I realize that the information will need to be taken from the electrinic purchase and placed on the ticket

    1. You can create your tickets and then offer them for sale through any of the online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, etc. and accept electronic payments through the marketplace’s services such as PayPal. You could offer them for sale by the ticket’s number to avoid duplicate purchases, or you could simple make the listing and say you have X amount of tickets for sale so people could buy as many as they need and not worry about which specific number they get. You would not be able to personalize the tickets post-purchase using our Raffle Ticket software.

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