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…..to the Fundraising Community blog; inspired by our personal experiences working with organizations like the PTA, the American Legion, local churches, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Boys and Girls Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Churches, and many other community causes and benefits.  Raising money for groups like these is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of planning and hard work.

Would you like to be a guest blogger and tell us about your favorite fundraiser?  We’d love to hear from you! If we feature your fundraising story in our blog, we’ll send you a free package of paper.  Sharing is Caring!

We hope this blog will give you many ideas, advice, “how to” tips and more.  Learn by our successes, laugh with us fundraiser-goalat our failures, but most of all, have a successful fundraiser at your organization!  You can search by category, theme, or any specific need or concern you might have for your fundraiser.

If you would like to be on our e-mailing list to receive our blogs automatically, sign-up at the bottom of the page.  We also have a helpful Facebook page for offers and tips. We also have many images of gift basket ideas on our Pinterest page.

Best Wishes for successful fundraising!

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