Raise Funds at the Touch of a Button

Ticket made using Raffle Ticket Software Make a profit at the touch of a button with a button fundraiser. There are thousands of button collectors in the United States. Did you know that buttons even have a national holiday? That’s right, November 16th is known as National Button Day. I remember when I was in high school my friends and I would wear buttons on our jean jackets and purses that contained pictures of our favorite bands, symbols and sayi

Fall Into Fun With a Harvest Festival Fundraiser

Fall Into Fun With a Harvest Festival Fundraiser As I look outside my window I notice that the leaves are already starting to turn. Memories of my children picking the perfect pumpkin from the pumpkin patch come to play in my mind.  Along with me having to remind them that they must be able to carry the pumpkin from the field to the checkout counter in order to be able to take it home.  I can almost taste the apple’s we would pick and smell the apple an

Relieve Stress With A Ladies Pampering Party

Relieve Stress by Hosting A Ladies Pampering Party! When I think back to my craziest nights they all are connected with my girlfriends.  In our "run around like a chicken with it's head cut off world", time with my girlfriends is needed to help me stay grounded. I feel more carefree when I have a night out with the girls, particularly with my sister.    The past and the future no longer matter. I am truly living in the moment. A UCLA study conclude

How to hold a Treasure Chest Raffle

A Treasure Chest Raffle is a Great Way for Participants to Take an Active Role in the Raffle Raffle drawings are perfect as a fundraiser or as an addition to an existing event. They are fun for your supporters, easy to run and they help raise needed funds for your organization and cause.   A Treasure Chest raffle is a great way for donors to take an active role in your next event. Instead of waiting for their ticket number to be called, the donor can be p

Help Provide School Supplies for those Who Can’t Afford Them

Host a Community School Supply Drive Fundraiser Back to School I remember when going shopping for school supplies in my younger years was an exciting adventure.  I loved picking out my new book bag with a matching lunchbox.  Getting a new box of crayons to use on my future creations in school. Colorful notebooks to record my daily activities.  The list is endless.   Unfortunately with our current economy it has become a struggle for many parents to buy

Raise Funds For A Family Reunion

Host an Affordable Family Reunion Seven year's ago my husband, two children and myself moved from York, Pennsylvania to beautiful upstate New York.  As a result we don't get to see our extended family members very often.  This year my husband's family is having a family reunion to celebrate his aunts 75th birthday.  We are excited to be able to attend.  At family reunions you are able to visit with family members, catch up on what's going on in their

Strike A Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser

At your next event,  Grab a Mustache or Fake Nose....Invite Your Guests to Strike a Pose with a Photobooth Fundraiser! Ticket designed using Raffle Ticket Software. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Do you remember going to the beach, walking the boardwalk and glancing in at the "old-time" photography store? One summer when I was in high-school a friend of mine and myself went to Ocean City for a week to baby-sit for a family from my neighborhood

A Tag the Bag Fundraiser is Great Visual Keepsake

What Is a Tag the Bag Fundraiser? A Tag the Bag fundraiser is about  providing a bag for someone who is going through a transition in life to remind them  that people are thinking about them.  You obtain one traveling bag  for the person you are having the event for.  When a donor makes a contribution they sign their name on the traveling bag - tagging the bag.  At the end of the event the person you are having the event for gets to keep the bag and t

Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

Why a carnival-style Walk-A-Thon?  Because I am always looking for ways to help people naturally to get and stay healthy. Especially since studies show that people tend to be healthier when they have a sense of community.   I began thinking about how awesome it would be to promote a health conscious fundraiser that involves the whole community while helping to promote local businesses.   As spring starts to approach the thought of nicer weather entered my

Everyone loves a compliment, why not have a Compliment Fundraiser?

Everyone loves a compliment.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where we receive more compliments than complaints? It sure would be a brighter place to live!  Have you heard the saying, "You reap what you sow?"  So if you put out (sow) good energy (such as a compliment), then good will be attracted (reap) back to you. You can help create this positive energy and raise money for your cause by having a Compliment Fundraiser. (more…)...