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Ticket made using Raffle Ticket Software
Ticket made using Raffle Ticket Software

When I think back to my craziest nights they all are connected with my girlfriends.  In our “run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off world”, time with my girlfriends is needed to help me stay grounded. I feel more carefree when I have a night out with the girls, particularly with my sister.    The past and the future no longer matter. I am truly living in the moment.

UCLA study concluded that girlfriends are stress-relievers for women.  Girlfriends improve our over all mood and as a result the study found that women with abundant friendships decrease their risk of developing chronic diseases.

Enjoy Time With Friends At A Pampering Party

Pampering Party
A Pampering Party is girl’s night out at it’s finest.

When is the last time you had a night to unwind with your girlfriends? The next time you get together with your girlfriends have a Pampering Party.  A Pampering Party is truly an amazing fundraising event for women. After all primping, pampering and partying is always a good time.

These type of fundraisers are great for any cause that women are passionate about.  Because the whole idea is just to make it a  fun night out for women to get together and enjoy themselves a Pampering Party works well for any size group.

Pampering Party Activity Ideas

At a Girls Pampering Party you can provide mani- and pedi-cures; sleep mask decorating; as well as refreshments. You could hold a raffle too. Maybe raffle off a gift certificate to the local spa.  Just focus on women’s overall health and well-being.

Some Pampering Party activity suggestions are:

  1. Wine Tasting:  Offer samples of fine wines.  Have wine experts show how to properly “taste” the wine. The winery could setup a table and donate a portion of their sales back to your cause.
  2. Raffles:   Offer pampering door prize raffles such as manicures, a day at the spa, gift baskets, etc.  These prizes can easily be obtained by businesses that have sponsored the event.
  3. Event Merchandise:  Offer event t-shirts, gift certificates to local businesses, sales for products
    Pampering Bag
    Pampering Bag found on Pinterest

    at the event.

  4. Pampering bags: Fill goody bags with donations from participating businesses that attendees take home with them.  In addition add information regarding your cause.
  5. Makeup refreshers:  Have Makeup artists demonstrate application techniques and do mini-makeovers.  They could sell their products at the event and donate a certain amount back to your cause.
  6. Massage therapy:  Have massage therapists perform seated massages, trigger point therapy, neck rubs, etc.
  7. Celebrity hairstyles: Have local hairstylists show how to do popular celebrity hairstyles. And give tips on hair care.
  8. Fashion show:  Put together a fashion show with the help of local retailers.  Retailers could offer coupons for a discount on their next purchase to put in the pampering goody bags.

Ask local businesses for small donations in return for free publicity

Ask local businesses for small donations in return for free publicity.  Have these businesses sell tickets to your event.  Also allow area businesses, agencies, organizations and associations to set up tables representing and presenting topics specific to women.

You can host a Pampering Party fundraiser privately, at a community center or a business. Just get creative and make your fundraising event the ultimate in having a fun time.  A Pampering Party allows you to enjoy time with friends,  raise funds for your cause and helps to keep you in good health.

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